The Android operating system is becoming more common on smart phones and tablet computers. As a result, every day new user applications are introduced that allow adjusting the phone or tablet to the needs and preferences of individual users. The continuing increase in speed and processing power of these mobile devices now enables functioning of applications that until a few years ago required a desktop computer or specially designed hardware. In addition to this, almost every smartphone is able to determine your exact geographical position, record video – and much more. When it comes to customizing your smartphone to your needs, you need not be restricted only to using the applications available, for the simple reason that making your own applications and programming Android devices is much easier than you think. This training represents an introduction to programming applications for Android devices. The mode of work of the Android system is explained step by step, in order to show how the personal applications can be programmed. At the end of the training you will be ready to publish your first Android application to the Google Play portal.