The games are all around us, connecting generations, different cultures and people of different nationalities in a common world. Upon completion of this training, you will be able to define all what you imagine, a world of your imagination, a world without borders! In addition, the video game industry is one of the most profitable in the IT sector. Provides the ability for small companies or individuals to stand shoulder to shoulder with large AAA companies, with a good idea and your game can be found at the top.Unique training provides training to create entire games.Training includes several different popular and most professional programs. From modeling in ZBrush, rigging and animation in Maya, drawing textures in Photoshop to create game mechanics in Unreal engine, you will learn everything you need for Game Development. Training participants will work on a real project, the development of 3D games. See the video that  describes a video game that you develop with developers and designers of IT Center.