Graficki Dizajn Kurs online

Redeem your creativity.
Because of the key role played by the advertising, public information and notification, graphic designers can charge your creativity. The course of Graphic Design is based 100% on practical work and exercises. Through this training you will overcome in order to use the software from a family of Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, XD).
Graphic design has a very big role in our daily life.

Through this training you will acquire the necessary skills that will help you to make everything that makes the image of a company, its corporate identity (logo creation, design a complete promotional material …). You will learn how to create, create and maintain a brand. The rest of it is not all that makes one company in the digital world, has a very big role and digital marketing, so that you through this training to learn not only how to make banners and web presentation but also how you can improve the user experience. In this training we have included the design of mobile applications and prototyping same.
Using the latest tools after completing the training you will be ready to create modern and interesting design.