IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) represents the sum of all practice from which the whole methodology of solving problems in IT sphere came to be. The system is adaptable to all environments and brings benefits to small as well as big companies regardless of the technologies they are using. Ever since its appearance, ITIL has become the most acceptable approach in IT management. ITIL describes procedures, tasks, check lists through the whole process of giving support and connects all the processes in the ITIL scheme. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a certificate intended for those people who use the high quality IT services and support, but also want to learn something about IT Service management. ITIL training is appropriate for people who want to become or already work as team members in IT support or as IT support managers. By obtaining the ITIL certification, the student demonstrates the possession of skills necessary for successful planning, implementation, management and resolution of problems in IT support. On the graph below you can see the growth trend of ITIL certification in the last few years. Only in the year 2011, the ITIL certifications issued are equal to the total sum of all certifications from the year 1994 onward. The growth trend has continued in 2012.

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