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LPIC (Linux Professional Institute Certified) is projected for beginners and professionals who manage and solve problems regarding Network and Systems based on BSD or Linux platforms which include Red hat, Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. distributions. In addition, out students will be familiar with advanced Linux administration, troubleshooting and Linux kernel compiling, system startup, etc. Also, our course involves advanced partitioning, networking, authentication and security on Linux machines. The main focus of this course are web servers, with DHCP, NDS, SSH, FTP configurations. 

LPI courses are divided as follows:

  • LPIC-1: Linux Administrator
  • LPIC-2: Linux Engineer
  • LPIC-3 300: Linux Enterprise Professional – Mixed Environment
  • LPIC-3 303: Linux Enterprise Professional – Security
  • LPIC-3 304: Linux Enterprise Professional – Virtualization and High Availability 

There are many Linux operating systems advantages, mainly their price, security, stability, reliability and accessibility.