The Pearson VUE test center has reopened!

Pearson-Vue-Authorized-Test-CenterPearson VUE test center is reopened, from July 1, 2021, in the premises of the IT Center, st. Cara Dusana 90/3, Nis.

In addition to the application of social distancing measures, protection measures were also applied for all employees, as well as for the hygiene of business premises. These measures are mandatory for all users of testing services in the test center.

In order to prevent stays in the test center, we ask students to come 15 minutes before the scheduled exam date. Upon arrival at the scheduled exam date, we ask all candidates to adhere to the mandatory measure of a distance of 2m in all directions. The maximum number of candidates who can take the exam is 1.

Each candidate is required to wear their own protective mask covering their mouth and nose from the moment they enter to the moment they leave the test center premises (the mask is removed only for the purpose of obligatory photographing of the Pearson VUE test center as a method of candidate identification). If the candidate damages the mask on the way to the test center, he will be able to replace it with a new one upon arrival at the test center.

When entering the premises of the test center, hand disinfection is mandatory, with a disinfectant provided by the test center at the entrance.

To protect everyone around you and prevent the spread of the virus, we ask candidates who have some of the symptoms of Covid-19 NOT to COME to the test center premises.

Thank you for protecting our employees and everyone else in your area by adhering to these measures!

Exam schedules will continue to be made through the official Pearson Vue website.