IT Centar, as the first certified educational center in south-eastern Serbia, in addition to professional training for administrators of computer networks, offers services of design, implementation and maintenance of computer network infrastructure.

Our mission and goal is to bring the entire infrastructure client in optimal mode. We offer regular visits to the engineers on-site or remotely and regular monitoring of servers and network equipment that allows troubleshooting without having to visit the site and the impact on the user experience. In cooperation with the client we analyze the needs and requirements of the company and planning further development of network and computer equipment, offering modern services in order to increase the productivity of the company.

Our employees are certified system engineers trained to install and configure network equipment the most eminent manufacturers: Cisco, Mikrotik, Juniper, Allied Telesis, HP, Dell, …

We offer our clients the following services:


Active and passive network infrastructure

  • Cabling
  • Single-mode or multimode optics, media convertors
  • Equipment rack
  • L2 / L3 switches,
  • Router,
  • Aggregation and distributive switches,
  • Optical and electrical switches,
  • Wireless network equipment,
  • Devices for network security (Next-Generation Firewalls, Secure VPN Routers, VPN Firewalls)

Server infrastructure

  • Server machines
  • Equipment for servers

Client infrastructure 

  • PCs
  • Notebooks
  • All in One PCs
  • Brand computers
  • Tablets

Server operating systems 

  • Windows Server editions: Standard, Foundation, Essentials, datacenter
  • Linux


IT Center has a team of experienced and skilled engineers who can provide the necessary technical support or intervention on the system, effective as soon as possible. Knowledge, experience and adequate resources provides the following services:

  • Maintenance contract system in a defined period of time and deadline
  • Technical support after the system 24/7
  • Service and maintenance of passive and active equipment after the warranty period
  • Remote Control and Ticketing System


It Center provides professional consulting services, advice and customer support, in order to improve business efficiency and optimal utilization of capacity and functionality of existing or new telecommunication system:

  • System optimization in terms of capital expenditure and investments
  • Reduction in maintenance costs of the system
  • Optimum and maximum utilization of resources and services implemented system
  • Proposal and advice in the selection of appropriate services by the telecom provider
  • Training and education of existing and new customers regarding the use of telecom services and systems


Cloud Services Office 365

  • Access to documents from any computer or mobile device (phone, tablet)
  • E-mail, calendar, contacts in one place
  • Teamwork and the ability to edit a document simultaneously by multiple users

The system of unified email

  • Save email in one place
  • Share calendars with more users
  • Setting reminders for important events
  • Accessing e-mails via mobile phone or any computer

The system for remote access (RDS) 

  • Secure access to remote devices from any location via the Internet

Backup solutions

  • Systems for storing backup data from the server and workstation

Security solutions 

  • Statefull firewall inspection
  • Inspection on the application layer
  • IDS / IPS systems
  • IPSec / SLA being connected
  • Simulation of the regeneration system to the computer (Pen test)


We offer a complete service, from the design of the entire physical and logical infrastructure through the implementation of a computer network, to the training administrator. By investing in network equipment ensures your company the stability and security of operations and availability of business applications and services.

The IP telephony can be easily integrated into the contact center that enables better way to communicate with their customers: voice, email, chat, video, Web, social networks.