New skills and knowledge can cause life changes. IT Center has been a place for education and development in southeastern Serbia for 15 years.

Following the development of information technology in the world, every year, IT Center presents several new courses in its portfolio that can help you make the right decision in which direction your career and development will go. 

Software solution

We are experts in applications on smartphones and televisions. Contact us if you want to set new boundaries in your industry.
You can look at what we have done so far, but we are sure that your project will look completely different.

Besides Web and Desktop applications with which IT Center has many years of experience, our in-house software team specializes in the development of Smart TV and smartphone applications with the focus on the functional connection of phones/tablets and television sets. 

Computer network

Our task and goal is to bring the entire client's infrastructure into the optimum mode of operation. We provide regular intervention of engineers at the location of the user, as well as regular remote monitoring of the server and network equipment, which eliminates problems without arriving at the location and affecting the operation of the user. In cooperation with the client, we analyze the needs and requirements of the company and plan further development of network and computer equipment by offering modern services in order to increase the productivity of the company itself.

Our employees are certified system engineers trained to install and configure the network equipment of the world's most eminent brands: Cisco, Mikro Tik, Juniper, Allied Telesis, HP, Dell... 


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